Student Led

Welcome to IPAC. We encourage you to join as a student member and be part of the IPAC family.  Medical students play a critical role in our work.  From serving on the IPAC board, to being active members on sub-committees, to implementing their own initiatives, we value the voices of our students. A list of current opportunities can be found at the bottom of this page

One of our student led projects is the TRC Calls to Action 23 & 24 Medical School Report Card.  The idea was conceived by the medical students at our 2019 IPAC National Mentorship Forum and AGM in St. Johns Newfoundland and brought to life by a small group of volunteer students with the support of IPAC staff and board members. Indigenous medical students across the country were given the opportunity to provide feedback on how they feel their schools are implementing the TRC's 23/24 calls to action. In this way, students could identify what their schools are doing well and how they still need to improve. The results have been collected and analyzed.  September 14, 2020, medical schools received a report card with recommendations on how to better implement the TRC's 23/24 calls to action, with the ultimate goal being reconciliation and closing the healthcare gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.  Those involved are committed to repeating the survey annually, so that the medical schools will continue to have the opportunity to hear the voices of Indigenous students. Get involved in the 2021 TRC Calls to Action 23 & 24 Medical School Report Card.

Did you know that each medical school in Canada has a support person for Indigenous Medical students?  Find yours here.  We encourage you to make the most of available supports and to communicate with your school about what they can do to better support you in your medical school and residency journey. 

Current Opportunities for IPAC Indigenous Medical Student Members

2021 TRC Calls to Action 23 & 24 Medical School Report Card Committee

PRIDoC 2022 Student Track Committee