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Please Complete the IPAC Mentorship Program Survey by November 18, 2021

Through the TRC Calls to Action 23/24 Medical School Report Card Survey, the Roundtable Discussions on Anti-Indigenous Racism in Medical Education, and in conversations with our student, resident, and early-career members, we have had the opportunity to listen and learn. On-going support throughout medical school and during transitions has been one of the most expressed needs.

Thank you to all of the focus group participants for your invaluable feedback! We want to ensure that the IPAC Mentorship Program is easily accessible and designed to meet the needs of medical learners and physicians. Your input in both the focus group sessions and survey below will help us ensure that we create a program to provide you with support during medical school, residency and throughout your medical career.

We discussed the idea of a portal where mentors and mentees could view each other's profiles and find the best match based on a variety of fields ranging from speciality to location, meeting frequency, intersectionality, etc. We also heard that live in-person and online events were integral to the success of the program, allowing for organic connections and continued engagement. Keep an eye out for exciting upcoming events to connect with your peers!

Everyone who completes the survey will have the option to enter into a draw for an Indigneous Box!

If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please complete the IPAC Mentorship Program Survey for Mentees by November 18, 2021. 

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please complete the IPAC Mentorship Program Survey for Mentors by November 18, 2021. 

We recognize that your needs may change over time and you will be able to change your profile from mentee to mentor as needed.

Please note survey responses will be anonymous and that the results of the survey will be summarized at an aggregate level; we will not share any information that is confidential or uniquely identifying.

We hope to best tailor the IPAC Mentorship Program to meet the current and future needs of Indigenous medical learners and physicians in Canada using the information in our membership database and the results of this survey.

We thank you in advance for your support in this initiative and commit to sharing the results with you soon. The results of this survey will support IPAC in building engagement of Indigenous physicians and medical students across the country to support mentorship, community building, networking and educational opportunities.

Complétez le Sondage de programme de mentorat d'AMAC par le 18 novembre, 2021

Merci à tous les participants de la série de discussions pour votre commentaire indispensable! Nous voulons assurer que le Programme de mentorat d’AMAC est facilement accessible et conçu pour répondre aux besoins des apprenants médicaux et médecins. Vos contributions dans la série de discussions et le sondage ci-dessus vont nous aider à assurer que nous créons le programme pour vous offrir support durant vos études médicales, durant votre programme de résidence et durant votre profession de médecin.

Nous avons discuté de l'idée de créer un portail où nos mentors et protégés puissent voir tous les profils pour trouver la meilleure correspondance fondée sur une sélection de domaines telles spécialités, emplacement géographique, fréquence de réunions et intersectionnalité. Nous avons aussi entendu que nos événements (en personne et en ligne) sont intégrants au succès du programme car ils encouragent l’engagement continuel et des liens organiques. Restez-au jour pour des événements prochains pour connecter à vos pairs!

Tous qui remplissent le sondage ont une option d'entrer dans un tirage pour gagner un Indigenous Box!

Si vous voulez devenir protégé, SVP complétez le Sondage de programme de mentorat d’AMAC pour Protégés avant le 18 novembre, 2021. 

Si vous voulez devenir mentor, SVP complétez le Sondage de programme de mentorat d’AMAC pour Mentors avant le 18 novembre, 2021. 

Nous reconnaissons que vos besoins pourraient changer avec le temps et vous pouvez changer votre profil de protégé à mentor quand besoin.

SVP notez que les réponses au sondage seront anonymes et que les résultats du sondage seront résumés à un niveau global; nous n’allons pas partager l’information qui est confidentielle ou uniquement identifiante. Nous espérons personnaliser le Programme de mentorat d’AMAC pour répondre aux besoins actuels et futurs des apprenants médicaux et médecins au Canada en utilisant l’information dans notre base de données et les résultats de ce sondage.

Nous vous remercions en avance pour votre soutien de cette initiative et sommes engagés à partager les résultats avec vous prochainement. Les résultats de ce sondage vont soutenir AMAC à fournir l'engagement de médecins Indigènes et des apprenants médicaux le long du pays pour soutenir le mentorat, le développement communautaire, le réseautage et les opportunités éducatives.

IPAC Mentorship Focus Groups

Thank you to everyone who attended focus groups September-October 2021.  Your input was integral to the creation of the IPAC Mentorship Program Survey which will be open November 8-18, 2021. 

August 19, 2021. IPAC is pleased to announce a grant of $1 million from the Canadian Medical Association Foundation to support a national formalized mentorship program for Indigenous medical learners and to enable capacity building within our organization.

“IPAC has existed, in various forms, for over 30 years and our overarching goal has always been to support First Nations, Métis and Inuit medical students, residents and physicians in whatever career path they choose,” says Dr. Nel Wieman, IPAC president. “IPAC as an organization has sometimes struggled with sustainability. This funding opportunity will bolster IPAC's capacity as a national medical organization, allowing us to better respond to the needs of our membership and to more equitably work with our national medical partners.”

“COVID-19 combined with the ongoing inter-generational trauma and systemic racism experienced by Indigenous medical students and residents has amplified the urgent need for the trusted leadership and support services provided by IPAC,” says Allison Seymour, CMA Foundation president. “IPAC has the credibility and experience to lead and advance this important initiative in support of Indigenous physicians and medical learners.”

The CMA Foundation grant will support the sustainability and longevity of IPAC and the development of a national mentorship program to expand the current ecosystem of Indigenous medical learners and physicians across Canada. The program will identify and support emerging leaders by linking Indigenous medical learners to a mentor who can provide guidance, training, advice and growth opportunities.

"As Indigenous Peoples, learning from our Elders and Knowledge Keepers is part of our culture. Mentorship encourages mutual respect and strengthens Indigenous ways. I look forward to working with IPAC as they develop their nation-wide mentorship program in support of Indigenous medical learners and early career physicians," says Syexwalia, Knowledge Keeper and Elder from Squamish Nation.

We encourage our members to log into their IPAC accounts to ensure their details are up-to-date, especially the section on mentorship. In the coming weeks, we will be asking you for your feedback on what kind of mentorship program would work best for you. We look forward to your input.

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