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March 16, 2022

Why did you choose rural/remote family medicine?

By clerkship, I knew that I preferred working in smaller community hospitals and, because of this, elected to complete several core rotations and electives in rural and remote settings. I found that the clinical and community experiences in these places were simply unparalleled. Highlights include time spent in Moose Factory, ON and Iqaluit, NU. I was drawn to remote medicine, in particular, because of the breadth of practice, the adaptable and adventurous nature of colleagues and community members, and the strength of patient-provider relationships. I enjoyed the advocacy that came with working in resource-limited settings, and the satisfaction that came with making a difference, however small, in places where there exists a great need. As a novelty-driven individual with diverse interests, I appreciated that I was continuously learning from new clinical and extracurricular experiences. Living and working in an austere environment perpetually pushes individuals to build strength and resolve in themselves, and in this way helps us to reach our full potential not only as clinicians, but as people - this is something I aspire to achieve!

What journey led you to NunaFam?

I completed medical school at uOttawa, which has a longstanding healthcare relationship with Nunavut. In my first year of medical school, I participated in a clinical placement at Akausivik Inuit Family Health Team - an Inuit-specific family health clinic located in Ottawa, ON - and the only clinic of its kind in the world. I very much enjoyed the work there, and this was the spark that piqued my interest in exploring Nunavut. After finishing the placement, I began reaching out to physicians at Qikiqtani General Hospital, and eventually connected with the Director of Medical Education, Dr. Patrick Foucault, who I now consider one of my mentors. Dr. Foucault arranged for me to travel to Nunavut for a clinical placement in my second year of medical school, which proved to be a transformative event in my life. During this placement, I worked with generalist physicians to provide care in person and via Telehealth on a variety of services, including: emergency department, family medicine clinic, fracture clinic, general practice anesthesia, hospitalist, obstetrics, surgical assist, TA clinic, and TB clinic. I returned to Nunavut for an elective during my 4th year of medical school and was reminded of the rich and varied experiences and the joy to be had in this remarkable place, which solidified NunaFam as a residency choice! I am now nearing the end of nine consecutive months here, and feel much gratitude for having had this completely life-changing experience and adventure!