Did you know that each medical school in Canada has a support person for Indigenous Medical residents?  Find yours here

We encourage you to make the most of available supports and to communicate with your school about what they can do to better support you in your medical education journey. 

Your IPAC membership as a resident provides you with ongoing mentorship and opportunities to network with those in the medical community and you will benefit from professional development opportunities throughout your education and career. All IPAC members have access to unique opportunities to sit on committees, provide input on policy submissions and participate in advocacy work.  

We like to promote and celebrate our members professional achievements as it shows how much of an impact everyone is making as a current Indigenous medical student, resident or physician! If you win an award or scholarship, we will be sure to celebrate with you and share your successes with our other IPAC members.

You will receive reduced registration rates for our annual IPAC National Mentorship Forum.

If you want to be involved more directly in IPAC, feel free to run for the role of IPAC Resident Director. This position is elected annually and provides IPAC's Board of Directors with their real life experience as a current medical resident. This insight allows IPAC to focus on what residents need and will provide you with some wonderful experience of working with decades of experience that our Board members have as Indigenous physicians. 

Finally, you will get member-only access to IPAC newsletters and our private IPAC Facebook group. 

Membership fees are $50 annually + GST due in August. 


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