IPAC 2020 BOD Elections

Nominations are open for the following BOD positions, with voting taking place at the IPAC AGM August 8, 2020 via Zoom. Nominations may be made by or on behalf of the individual. Nominators and nominees must be IPAC members in good standing. Nominations can be submitted by email before the AGM as well as at the AGM August 8, 2020. Nominees must be present at the AGM and will be asked to say a few words about why they want to join the IPAC BOD.

Physicians Director
Resident Director
Student Director

The IPAC BOD meets monthly via teleconference. The current schedule is the last Wednesday of each month at 5:00-6:00pm PDT. A schedule that works for all board members will be decided after the new BOD forms on August 8, 2020. Board members should expect to commit an average of 6 hours/month to IPAC activities.

As the hosts of PRIDoC 2020 August 30-Sept 3, 2021, each board member is required to be an active member on one of our PRIDoC planning committees: Culture and Protocol, Academic, Social and Entertainment, Fundraising, or Student Track.

Current IPAC Projects
The TRC Medical School Report Card
The Indigenous Physicians Survey
COVID-19 PAC Town Halls
Host of the Pacific Regional Doctor’s Congress (PRIDoC) Aug 30-Sept 3, 2020

Qualifications as outlined in the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada By Laws

7.02 Qualifications:
No person shall be qualified for election as a Director if he is less than 18 years of age; if he is not
an individual, if he has the status of bankrupt, or if he has been declared incapable in any court.
In order to qualify for election as a Director, an individual must have been a member in good
standing of the Association for at least the full calendar year preceding the meeting at which he
stands for election. At the time of their respective elections, the Student Director must be a
member of the Student Class, the Resident Director must be a member of the Resident Class, and
the Physician Directors must be members of the Physician Class.

7.03 Terms of Office:
The term of office for all Physician Directors shall be three (3) years, with limitation of no more
than two (2) consecutive terms.
The term of office for the Resident Director and Student Director shall be one year, with no
limitation of consecutive terms.

Please submit nominations to info@ipac-amac.ca