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PLEASE NOTE that due to COVID-19 we are working remotely.  If you need to send us something by mail, please alert us at and mail the item to IPAC 3003-1009 Expo Blvd Vancouver BC V6Z 2V9.  Thank you.

Do you have an opportunity or event to share with our membership?

We are happy to share appropriate opportunties (ex. job postings, committee postings etc) and events (ex. Indigenous medical conferences and workshops) with our membership.  In order for us to circulate your posting, it needs to be social media friendly. Please send the following to and we will happily spread the word about your posting through our IPAC Facebook group (members only), IPAC Facebook Page (public), and our newsletter. Though we do not charge a fee for sharing these opportunities, we encourage those who can to make a donation to IPAC.

For Job/Committee Postings
1. Job/Committee position title
2. Job/Committee location
3. Short job/committee position description
4. A link to where the full job/committee description is listed online.  When looking for committee members, it is helpful to be clear about meeting schedules, time commitment, expenses covered, and honorarium. 
5. A related graphic in jpg or png format (No PDFs please). For example, your organization’s logo or a poster for the specific job/committee member description.

For Events

  1. Event name
  2. Event location
  3. Short event description
  4. A link to where the full event details are listed online.
  5. A related graphic in jpg or PNG format (no PDFs please).