Our Vision

Healthy and vibrant Indigenous nations, communities, families and individuals – supported by Indigenous physicians and others who are contributing to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of our people and having a positive impact on the social determinants of Indigenous health.

Our Mission

As Indigenous physicians and students who are diversely rooted in our traditional teachings and our respective communities, IPAC members embrace and commit to collaboratively use our skills, abilities and experiences to advance the health of our nations, communities, families and individuals. IPAC provides knowledge for communities, national Indigenous organizations and health care providers; advocates for Indigenous peoples’ health; and acts as a support mechanism for Indigenous physicians and students.

Our Beliefs & Values

IPAC’s beliefs and values originate from communities, our ancestors and the traditional teachings found within our diverse Indigenous cultures. We believe that Indigenous peoples deserve the best health possible. We honour the wholistic view of health (body, mind, spirit and heart) including traditional knowledge and practices. We believe that Indigenous physicians are honoured with positions of trust in the communities and commitment to our responsibilities are reflected in our work.

We value respectful and ethical interactions among all individuals, organizations and groups with whom we work. We hold the following values as most important as they originate from traditional teachings.

Love – of people, communities and Indigenous ways of being.
Respect – for knowledge, wisdom, communities and each other.
Courage – to stand up for our ways of being and the application and integration of Indigeneity in all things we do as an organization.
Honesty – among the membership and staff and with the organizations and individuals with whom we work.
Wisdom – use of traditional teachings to approach our way of being and with our work.
Humility – to know our limitations and to seek guidance when necessary.
Truth – to always speak the truth as an organization and to speak the truth to each other.