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President’s Message


Boozhoo! Welcome to our new website. I hope that everyone has had a fabulous summer – and that those of you who attended IPAC’s Annual General Meeting and National Mentorship Forum in la belle ville de Montréal on August 11 and 12 had a great time sharing, learning and connecting with other physicians, residents and medical students as well as enjoying the visit to Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. (See AGM/NMF tab for photos of the event.)

We plan to build on this new website and make it a helpful, engaging, go-to gathering place for the IPAC community to connect and support each other. We are also trying to increase our presence on social media, including the “Indigenous Docs” group, IPAC page on Facebook, and IPAC Twitter account, so please join/like/follow and engage – with posts and photos of IPAC members at conferences or other events, announcements, awards, news, upcoming events, articles, and anything else that might be of interest to other IPAC members! You can also follow me on Twitter: @cwieman.

We are also about to strike a planning committee and start the work of arranging the 2018 IPAC Annual General Meeting and National Mentorship Forum! Those of you who attending the meeting in Montreal are aware that next year’s IPAC conference will be taking place at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and Six Nations of the Grand River Territory. The theme of the conference will broadly focus on physician wellness issues – how we maintain our health in order to optimally work with our communities. We welcome any IPAC members who are interested in joining the 2018 Planning Committee or in being one of our presenters at the 2018 conference – just send me an e-mail at We received positive feedback after Montreal and are excited to plan for another wonderful gathering next August in Hamilton!

My priorities as President continue to include supporting and promoting mentorship of our developing physicians, increasing funding to sustain our organization, providing IPAC members opportunities to present on Indigenous health issues and learn about issues that are relevant to us as practising health care providers – including physician wellness and additional professional skills (media relations/advocacy, political skills, interdisciplinary work, and more). On behalf of the IPAC Executive and Board of Directors, I wish our members and partners a healthy, happy and productive upcoming fall season!


Dr. Cornelia (Nel) Wieman
Follow me on Twitter: @cwieman